Discover the Decoral Decorative System

Metal Substrate

Decoral® process mainly decorates aluminum and steel but can also be extended to other materials, the only requirement being that they resist a temperature of 200°C without deformation. Such temperature is needed to transfer the inks from the film to the coating layer.


The pre-treatment is aimed at cleaning and protecting the metal surface from corrosion and weathering. It is a necessary stage for preparing the metal substrate and ensuring a high-quality powder coating.

Powder Coating

The pre-treated metal substrate is powder coated using electrostatic guns. Then, it is cured in the oven according to the specifications of the technical data sheet. The base coat protects the product against factors such as weather, corrosion, and abrasion. Our powder coatings, made of polyester or polyurethane resins, are totally free of solvents and heavy metals.


The object to be decorated is wrapped using a heat-transfer film printed with the decorative pattern. Subsequently, it is vacuum sealed to the surface and placed inside a Decoral® oven where, through heat and pressure, the inks printed on the film are transferred into the coating layer. A few minutes later, it is taken out of the machinery, and the exhausted film is removed to reveal the decorative pattern.

Final Result

Get the finish you prefer on any kind of product: lighting, handrail, furniture, flooring, fencing, shutter, signage, advertising object and so on.